Government Check Unit Rules & Regulations
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       (A) WORK TICKET

  • Workticket not carried in motor vehicle
  • Journey not authorised
  • Journey authorised but unlawful
  • Driver's name not reflected on the workticket
  • Time out not shown
  • Driver's number not reflected against the journey
  • Speedo reading not entered on previous journey
  • Previous journey details incomplete
  • Vehicle number not entered in the workticket
  • Previous month workticket not replaced with current month's
  • Previous journey details insufficiently recorded
  • Workticket badly maintained
  • No specimen signature of authorising officer
  • Journey perfomed not endorsed in the workticket
  • Kilometers at the end of the journey not shown



  • Vehicle off the authorised route
  • Carrying unauthorised passengers
  • Carrying non-govermental goods
  • Carrying officers to or from duty & vice versa
  • Speedometer not working
  • Ministry/Department not printed on side of the vehicle
  • Vehicle unattended in public place
  • Vehicle packed outside a public bar, restaurant or private place
  • Traffic/Criminal offence disclosed for prosecution
  • Driver not allowed to drive a GK/Parastatal vehicle
  • Vehicle fitted with worn out tyres
  • Taking officers for Lunch
  • Vehicle without number plate
  • Advance authorization of a journey
  • Vehicle kept at unsecured place overnight
  • Operating after working hours without authority letter from the parent ministry
  • Operating on weekend/public holiday without authority letter from the parent ministry
  • Failing to renew driving licence
  • Officer driving himself without authority
  • Operating a parastatal vehicle with civilian number plates
  • Towing a civilian motor vehicle
  • Dropping or picking an officer from residence to work place and vice versa without authority from parent ministry
  • Failing to stop when stopped by a police officer in uniform
  • Failing to fasten seat belts
  • Failing to carry a driving licence