Message from HoD

Joshua Nyang'au
Joshua Nyang'au (MIET, P. Eng. Tech. AMIEK, EIA/EA)

The department of Transport and Garage is under the college of Central Administration and is responsible for efficient transport operations and effective maintenance of University of Nairobi motor vehicles.Currently the University operates a fleet of 256 operational motor vehicles.

Transport and garage department is in the process of transforming its operations to cope with the changing times. The department in conjunction with Information and Technology Center (ICT) have developed  a transport management information system(Transmis) to enable the department improve on  its  fleet management.

The transport department has  initiated  process of procuring a tracking system for all University motor vehicles. This system will assist in tracking of motor vehicles and detect  deviations from authorised routes that lead to misuse and increased fuel costs.


The department has also developed a departmental website to enable it interact with the University community and other stakeholders. It has created backlinks with collaborators who include motor vehicle Dealers, Prequalified garages, insurance companies and motor vehicle valuers.

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