Autofine Limited
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Autofine Limited was incorporated in the year 1996 . It has a registered office and a secure, well-equipped workshop in a covered warehouse and working area measuring 100,000 square feet along Rangwe Close off Lunga Lunga Road Industrial Area Nairobi, opposite Patco Industries. This is a modern fully fledged garage in a completely enclosed workshop, comprising the following:

  • Large working area that can hold up to 200 saloon vehicles at any one time.
  • Two spray booths complete with paint baking facilities
  • Paint Bank
  • A store measuring 4,000 square feet
  • Spacious administration block with two floors and a large reception area.
  • Twenty-four hour security, backed up by Security Alarm Systems and CCTV Cameras.

We have also taken adequate insurance for all classes of risk relevant to our business. Autofine’s principal objective is to provide high quality motor vehicle repair and maintenance be it private, light or heavy commercial vehicles. We have a team of different specialists to handle all  the common make  of vehicles on our Kenyan roads. Our key selling point is quality workmanship, customer focus and timely delivery. We also utilize accurate processes and systems which guarantee efficiency and truly superior service in all areas of our operations. This has earned us an enviable reputation in the industry which we endeavour to always protect.


In our service division we have invested heavily in modern equipment. We have identified Bosch as a strong and trusted brand and that is why we use their products to make sure our customers are offered the best services with a global standard.

Some of the services offered are:

  • Computerized diagnostic
  • Tyre centre
  • Computerized alignment.



  • A tyre changing machine capable of handling alloy and steel rims.
  • Wheel balancing machine also capable of balancing alloy, steel rims and rims for light commercial vehicles


At Autofine a good paint job is just a crown to a thorough protective foundation on a vehicle’s bodywork and that is why we do not just gloss over the existing paintwork but strip the vehicle to the metal then put it through a thorough re-spraying process.


This facility enables us to have an inhouse paint shop . We use global brands guaranteeing our customer on:

  • Durability
  • Gloss
  • Varieties (can get colour for any car in the world).


At Autofine, we believe that accident vehicles need not show any signs of repair upon leaving the garage and that is why we have invested in tools and equipment which ensure that vehicles maintain the symmetry and original specifications required by their manufacturers, after repair.

The Autofine body shop is equipped with a heavy-duty dozer jack as well as a variety of body jacks, which will restore even the most crumpled vehicle to its original shape, thereby maintaining the recommended body gaps and settings which ensure that all the fittings fall in place as required, giving a vehicle the accident-free look.


This is a stand-alone machine that does electronic diagnosis of the vehicle systems. It can do emission analysis for diesel and gasoline vehicle systems which is necessary for tuneups.

It has an engine analyzer capable of doing engine system tests i.e compression test without opening the engine, and
also deeper error analysis after the common diagnosis.

Using engine test analysis you can see and interrogate live data by testing different signals like crankshaft signal, temperature signal and all sensors signal live on screen. This will help the technician to be precise on the error found after diagnosis.

You can also test battery drain and generate signals to simulate vehicle signals, for instance, testing of ignition coils

“This means that Autofine can be used as a vehicle inspection center.”


  • This is a full computerized electronic wheel alignment machine capable of checking 3 dimension angles of a wheel i.e. tow in/tow-out angles, camber angles and cast angles
  • It can confirm Chassis alignment after repairs and it is installed with all vehicle manufactures’ date.