Automobile Association of Kenya
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AA of Kenya Headquarters 

AA Kenya is the oldest and largest automobile association in Kenya with over 100,000 members and branch offices in all major towns countrywide. Internationally we are affiliated with the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) which represents over 100 million motorists worldwide.

We promote and safeguard the interests of motorists through a broad range of services to include: roadside assistance; information and advise about the purchase, maintenance and repair of vehicles; negotiation of attractive insurance premiums; road mapping and setting up petrol depots.

You can also train with us: AA Kenya offers guidance about safety on the roads and quality driving instruction and licensing. Our AA Driving Schools are respected across the continent for their thorough curricula, commitment to responsible driving and tailor made tuition packages. 

Membership Types

Joining AA Kenya will assure you a comfortable, stress-free motoring experience. We go as far as providing post-accident assistance to AA Kenya members. By enrolling as an AA Kenya member you will enjoy a host of benefits free of charge.

Within the various membership categories, you are invited to choose the one that best suits your needs.




  • Free roadside assistance services, countrywide, 24/7/365

  • Free towing services  countrywide in accordance with applicable terms 

  • Motor vehicle recovery services at subsidized rates

  • Free legal advice on motoring issues

  • Motor vehicle inspection and valuation at subsdized rates

  • Free technical advice on motoring matters

  • Free post-accident assistance

  • Subsidized AA Kenya Driving School instruction fees for member and member's family

  • International Driving License and Carnet de Passage issuance

  • On-line Auto News Magazine

  • Referral to AA Kenya certified garages

  • Occasional access to specified discount outlets   

  • Defensive Driving and Road Safety seminars

  • Driver Reference Centre for qualified drivers

  • Information on state of roads, border crossing and other vital facts both locally and internationally

  • Roadside Assistance

    Countrywide Free Roadside Assistance Services 

    Our roadside rescue is free to members. The Rescue Control unit is on call 24/7 all year round. The AA Kenya Roads Patrol Force is highly trained to diagnose break-down problems and will provide assistance to members within minutes after call. When vehicle towing is needed, AA Kenya provides free towing eligeble members according to applicable terms.

  • Always call the AA Kenya Roadside Assistance Team when in need of emergency road assistance. AA Kenya Roadside Assistance has branches all over Kenya, and you will always find one near you.

    To read more about our roadside assistance services, please click on the left-side menu.


  • Insurance
  • Legal Advice
  • AA Kenya Driving Schools
  • Vehicle Valuation & Inspection Services
  • Technical Advice
  • Defensive Driving, Road Safety & Fleet Management Seminars
  • Drivers Bureau
  • Drivers Assessments

Download AA of Kenya Certification Scheme for Drivers