Banbros Body Builders
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Looking for a Bus & Coach Manufacturer in Kenya?  Look no further, 'Engineered by passion'- Banbros is established to manufacture and supply bodies for coaches ranging from luxury or deluxe models, to semi-luxury models, to institutional buses, lorries and vans, not to mention numerous custom designs.

One of the factors behind the company's success has been its ability to serve such a wide portion of the market. The peak levels of customer satisfaction and superior quality products that Banbros has provided across Africa has made it a name to be reckoned with and various prestigious companies swear by the firm's products

Presently, Banbros has commenced the expansion of its current factory in a bid to to increase process control, accommodate more sophisticated equipment and double the current production capacityOverall, persistent investments and a rigorous programme of research and development has allowed Banbros to modernise production strategies, boast innovation, operate efficiently, steadily increase market share and sustain a professional business environment.

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