Self Service Vehicle Inspection Booking Procedure
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1. Visit (NTSA Website)

2. Under quick links, press the Book for Motor I Vehicle inspections Link                     (

3. Enter your ID Number and press the search icon.

4. Enter your first name as it appear in the ID and press the search icon(The           other fields are disabled)

5. Enter phone starting with 254, username (Default is your mobile number),           password (Default is Your ID), confirm password, Subscribe to SMS alert and       press Create.

6. Submit the application to create an account

7. Login into the newly created account 8. Book for inspection(Press the top left       button ”Book for inspection”

9. Attach vehicles

10.Select vehicle category; PSV/Commercial/Private(Press Next button)

11.Specify the payment method NB: Every payment option has a guideline of the      steps to follow. Make sure you use the right unique number.

12.After receiving payment notification, press complete payment.

13.Book for Inspection (A button on your top right).

14.Select inspection centre and date.(Default date is the current date as per            booking. You can change), then press Booking below the date option.

15.Print QR/Token.

16. Present the vehicle for inspection at the centre selected on the date and             time allocated.

17. The booking will be valid for 14 days from the date of booking. After 14 days         the booking has to be done afresh.